Dueling Piano Videos | Omaha, Nebraska

BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos have performed hundreds of events over a period of 8 years. Here are a few video samples of some recent events:

This dueling pianos video shows our latest television commercial - it is a 30 second spot.

VIDEO - Corporate Events, Company Parties and Charity Fundraisers
This dueling pianos video shows BIG SHOW dueling pianos in action at a variety of corporate events, company parties, charity fundraisers and other assorted wonderful events. The versatility of BIG SHOW dueling pianos is unmatched, they blend great music with comedy - add in a lot of audience participation and dancing and you have yourself a VERY SUCCESSFUL EVENT.

VIDEO - Wedding Receptions
This dueling pianos video shows BIG SHOW dueling pianos performing at a variety of wedding receptions including wedding receptions for major celebrities. It takes a very adventurous couple to dare to break the mold of having a plain old DJ at your wedding, or a stuffy lame old wedding band that plays the same old songs that you hear at every wedding you've ever attended. Dueling pianos are the perfect choice for a wedding reception because you get a live act, a DJ, a little comedy, and most importantly you get some great audience participation. Imaging your entire group of friends and family all singing along to their favorite songs, dancing to some great DJ music, and falling in love all over again while they are entertained beyond their wildest dreams! Wedding couples that hire BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos get the most exciting and unique wedding reception experience possible, and they will leave your friends talking about your wedding reception for years to come.

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