Big Time Entertainment from Big Show Dueling Pianos

There is a hot new trend roaring through Omaha, Nebraska - BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos! An exciting change from the same old boring DJ, or same old live band that you've seen hundreds of times, dueling pianos in Omaha, Nebraska is gaining momentum in some very important circles. A perfect entertainment solution for Omaha corporate events, company parties, employee appreciation events, charity fundraisers and galas, birthday celebrations and especially Omaha Nebraska wedding receptions.

BIG SHOW dueling pianos for hire are the best act of their kind in the USA. For every type of event they bring a state of the art sound system, LED lighting, the SAME TWO PIANO PLAYERS at every show, and FULL SIZE GRAND PIANOS - no other dueling piano act does all that! They entertain your audience in several different categories including:

Live Music Performance
Hear all of your favorite songs performed live in an ALL REQUEST environment that includes two of the best piano player / singers in the country. Every song is performed with passion and energy and each of the dueling piano players know thousands of songs each. Live musical performances usually include the performance of songs like "Piano Man" by Billy Joel, assorted songs by Elton John, and several of the greatest hits from the 50's all the way to current hits. Live entertainment in Omaha, Nebraska has never been better.

Sing Along!

That's right Omaha! Sing along with the dueling pianos as they play the greatest sing along songs of all time. Imagine all of your guests singing together as one! Your event will be the hit of the year when everyone tells their friends about the wonderful time they had singing along with the dueling pianos. We know that there are some great singers in Omaha, Nebraska!


BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos for hire in Omaha Nebraska use state of the art sound and lighting to get your dance floor packed. In addition to the pianos, BIG SHOW incorporates backing TRACKS that accompany them (drums, guitar, backing vocals, horns, keyboards) so that they can make any song sound JUST LIKE THE RECORDING. Especially good for today's hit music, these backing tracks makes BIG SHOW dueling pianos sound like a FULL BAND! Dance Omaha, Dance!


Dueling pianos for hire in Omaha Nebraska is notorious for getting the crowd fired up! Using comedy and "schtick" as well as the occasional volunteer from the audience, the BIG SHOW dueling pianos will have your guests laughing out loud. With plenty of tricks up their sleeves, these guys are guaranteed to crack everyone up. We know that Omaha, Nebraska loves to laugh :)

BIG SHOW dueling pianos for hire offers live entertainment in Omaha, Nebraska for several different types of events including corporate events that require corporate entertainment, charity fundraisers, company parties, birthday celebrations, employee appreciation events and especially our Omaha Nebraska wedding receptions! Here are just a few of the event types that BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos in Omaha Nebraska provides entertainment for:

Corporate Events - Dueling Pianos for Hire

If you and your coworkers are tired of the same old entertainment at your corporate event year after year (you know, the lame DJ that still uses CD's, or that band that you've seen over a hundred times playing the same old tired songs) then it may be time to kick things up a notch! BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos will turn your corporate event into the talk of the city after they bring the house down with great live musical performance, comedy, dancing and most importantly - audience participation! Nothing leaves an impression on a corporate event like audience participation. See the vice president get up and sing a Johnny Cash song, see the entire marketing department get on stage and sing along to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". It's pure MAGIC. It's hard enough to get everyone on the same page in the corporate environment, but watch as BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos achieves this feat in one magical night. Be a hero and impress your next Omaha Nebraska corporate event chairs with BIG SHOW. Watch our video of corporate events that we have taken over the top!

Company Parties - Dueling Pianos for Hire

Your company has worked hard all year, they deserve a nice big party where they can cut loose a little bit. Your employees are tired of seeing the same old boring entertainment every year at the company party (like the DJ that still plays CD's - haha!  Or that band that is too loud and belongs in a little bar, not a nice ballroom). This year hire a fresh new form of entertainment that is sweeping the Nation and call BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos for hire in Omaha Nebraska. These guys will have your guests singing along to their favorite songs, laughing at the humorous things that the pianists do, and of course DANCING! That's right, BIG SHOW will have your guests up and dancing all night as they sing along and even get up on stage and participate, while all the while having a magical night they will never forget. Most of our company parties result in call backs for the following year and that says it all.

Charity Fundraisers and Galas - Dueling Pianos for Hire

Your guests will flock to purchase tickets to your annual charity fundraiser once they find out you are having BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos! They will be so relieved that you are not having that tired old DJ that still plays CD's - or that same band that every other charity in Omaha Nebraska uses for their fundraisers. BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos will turn your annual charity fundraiser into a night that your guests will talk about for years. Your guests will enjoy an ALL REQUEST performance of their favorite songs, they will sing along together as one as the piano players lead them into some of the greatest songs in history, they will laugh at the comedy (and the occasional volunteer from the audience), and they will DANCE when the dueling pianos turn into a FULL BAND with the use of recorded background tracks that make them sound just like the recording! Also, if all of that isn't enough, they will DONATE ALL OF THEIR TIPS TO YOUR CHARITY! And believe us, these guys know how to generate tips (pitting different colleges against each other in a battle of college fight songs) - BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos for hire Omaha Nebraska have been known to raise as much as $2000.00 in tips in a single performance and donate it to the charity organization.  Now that is cool.

Wedding Receptions - Dueling Pianos for Hire

When it comes to wedding receptions in Omaha Nebraska, our couples are looking for something special, something exciting! Don't do the same thing that all of your friends did and hire that lame DJ that still plays music from CDs - go for something truly magical and bring in the BIG SHOW Dueling Pianos to entertain your guests and make your Omaha Nebraska wedding reception a HUGE success that your guests will talk about for years to come. Our group will handle everything including playing DJ music for your cocktail hour and dinner, MC service for introducing the couple to the party and any other announcements, they will play first dance songs and then get everyone up on the dance floor! See our video of some great dueling piano wedding receptions for some great ideas!

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